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Interview with Tom Bachik

I interviewed L’Oréal Paris Consulting Nail Expert Tom Bachik.

N: What are some of your predictions for spring trends?
TB: Spring brings a newness and fresh approach. We are more active and nails will get shorter to accommodate. Expect nails to stay soft and rounded in shape, and colors will be a balanced mix of softs and brights living in harmony with neutral tones and metallics.

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Kreayshawn Interview

I interviewed Kreayshawn recently for PopCrush. Said Kreayshawn,

Every title people give each other is limiting. I can understand ‘female rapper,’ but when people go into race, it separates us as people, in general. Even with sexuality and s—. People want to say I am bi, lesbian or straight. It doesn’t matter. It does separate and make me who I am and different…

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Gucci Westman Interview

Read my interview with Global Artistic Director for Revlon and legendary makeup artist, Gucci Westman.

BN: What are your tips for F/W 2012-2013 beauty trends? Can you share your tips or suggestions?
GW: Fashion Week has become all about trendsetting and the makeup has even become somewhat of a fashion statement of its own. Starting with appliqués on the nails and moving up onto the face and body in recent years, makeup has become a lot more relevant in the overall looks shown. With the social media craze like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, there is always a moment to be photographed so you have to be ready!

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Take Aim!

Here’s a collection of all my Take Aim! interviews on Artist Direct.

Amy Sciarretto vs. Winston Warrior, Project 86’s Andrew Schwab, Soulsavers’ Rich Machin, The Cringe’s James Rotondi, The Indecent, Jack Dolgen, Daniel Powter, Emilie Autumn, Sweet Lights, Hurt’s J Loren, Write This Down Singer Johnny Collier, iZLER, Meleni Smith, Tyler Bryant, Claude Violante , The High Strung, Thrillcall’s Matthew Tomaszewicz, Jennette McCurdy, The Dean’s List, Erica Chase, The Assembly Line’s Thornfin Nguyen, Josh Doyle, Tonight Alive, Dead Sara’s Emily Armstrong, Jaimie Hilfiger

Manners Interview

I interviewed Manners’ guitarist Ian Bates for Noisecreep, and asked about any hidden skills or talents.

I can play accordion and banjo, which people would probably find odd. If I’m not making some kind of music, I like buying a bunch of weird ingredients from the grocery store and play Iron Chef by myself in the kitchen.

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Dick Page Interview

Read my interview with Dick Page!

BN: We’d love for our readers to feel as though you were there personal makeup artist for one moment. Can you share one of your patented, universal makeup tips for all women?
Pull faces in the mirror! Seriously! Smile when you’re applying blush and lipstick. Tilt your chin up and look down your nose in the mirror to more easily apply liner and eye colour. Also, a tri-fold mirror is a good investment so you can check out your face, and your makeup, from different angles.

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Seth Aaron of Children 18:3 Interview

Read my interview with Seth Aaron of Children 18:3.

This record was fun though, because we did it with Travis Wyrick (P.O.D.), and he’s just nuts. The guy is a machine – hyper all day long and super fun. I’ve never met a producer that gets up at 6 everyday and still works late hours. We all hung out a lot even went we weren’t tracking, we went to his daughters’ high school basketball games and his church, and we’d go out to eat with him almost every day.

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Josh Scogin of The Chariot Interview

Read my interview with The Chariot vocalist Josh Scogin.

I really don’t see how people can grow stale from playing live shows every night. By its very nature, it is supposed to be FRESH. You never know what people are going to show up, or how many people [will show up], or what the stage is like or what technical difficulty will arise or any number of things..The only thing NOT fresh is the band itself — if they allow it to be so.

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The Wanted ‘Ice Age’ Interview

Check out my interview with The Wanted. Said Nathan Sykes,

I’m a massive fan of the (Ice Age) franchise. It is the sort of film kids grow up with and all four films are strong individually. They keep it fresh and institute new characters who are exciting, as well as the original pack. That was me, Nathan, with an intelligent answer.

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Mally Roncal Interview

Read my latest interview with Mally Roncal over at Beauty News NYC.

BN: What are some of your key products for summer?

MR: I love a gorgois glow all year round, but especially in the summer. My Believable Bronzer delivers the look of a natural, sun-kissed tan in just three easy steps: a tanning powder for allover color, a shimmer to highlight (don’t forget cheekbones and above your brow), and a beautiful sun shade that’s designed to make your cheeks radiant like a day at the beach. Also for a bronzed body, I opt for the St. Tropez Self Bronzing Mousse. Not only is it super easy to use, but it also leaves your skin with an incredibly natural looking tan.

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